FEI/Duke-Fuqua Survey: 2001 Q2

Index of Links
Question 1
Earnings, prices, wages, employment, productivity, etc. for next 12 months
Question 2
How much will GDP change in the next 12 months?  Inflation?
Question 3
What will be the return on the S&P 500 in the next year?  Next 10 years?
Question 4
Will FASB rule changes on purchase accounting and goodwill alter M&A activity?
Question 5 
Forward-looking financial reporting policies
Question 6a
Should the SEC create new filing requirements?
Question 6b
Should the SEC encourage appectance of global accounting standards?
Question 6c
Should the SEC recognize web postings as public disclosure?
Question 6d
Should the SEC modify recent "auditor independence" rules?
Question 6e
Should the SEC encourage the market to move away from quarterly earnings focus?
Question 6f 
Should the SEC update the 1933/34 Securities Exchange Act?